companypicProklean Technologies Pvt. Ltd., is a company based out of Chennai, India, established in the year 2009. It is in the business of chemical replacement products for a variety of industries including leather processing, textile processing and hospitality under the brand name Proviera. Its products are based on unique Probiotic Technology and has an exclusive license from SCD Probiotics, USA for using their certified probiotic mother culture to manufacture and market these products.

While the company started with developing cleaning products for both institutional and household segment, R&D efforts resulted in development of a range of unique, all-natural, non-toxic and fully bio-degradable products which replace certain chemicals being used in the industrial processes. Capitalizing on the experience of the promoters, the company chose four industries for developing path-breaking products.

The company now produces multiple products in each of the industry segment, which replace the existing chemicals being used for various processes. These products are not only completely natural, but are more effective than the current chemicals, in most applications where these are now used. Being microbial in nature, in contrast to the more expensive plant origin products, these products are very competitively priced and very versatile.

SCD Probiotics, based in Kansas City, Missouri, USA, is a company specializing in natural microbial-based products and services for human health, agriculture & livestock industries, industrial waste and water treatment and many other applications. Through 10 years of research and development, SCD has selected a combination of 16 different microbial strains produced in consortia (co-growth environment) as the platform for SCD Probiotic products.

The Proviera range of formulations is manufactured in India using the SCD Mother Cultures through a unique combination of fermentation and formulation technologies developed by the R&D division of Proklean Technologies Pvt. Ltd. This is the first ever such technology developed any where in the world. This unique Intellectual Property has been kept as a Trade Secret. The IP has been licensed to SCD for use in U.S.A. under a Derivatives Agreement.To know more about SCD Probiotics, click here.