Now, there is no need to compromise on cleaning efficiency to protect the environment. Proviera brings you a range of never-before cleaning products that can take on the most stubborn dirt and grime, yet, remain gentle on the environment. Proviera products are based on the principle of revolutionary Organic Probiotic Technology. Using this technology, the company has created a range of products for industrial, commercial and household applications.

The role of Probiotics in cleaning

Cleansing a surface with powerful disinfectants, though common, could actually be counter-productive. More importantly, repeated cleansing with disinfectants and chemical cleaning agents could lead to the microbes developing chemical resistance.

Hence, the use of probiotics as an effective replacement for chemical agents. Our cleaning products, developed on the powerful organic probiotic technology platform, do a thorough cleaning using the principle of beneficial microorganisms. Unlike chemical cleaners which do a superficial cleaning, our products remove the underlying film holding the dirt, thereby leaving a sparkling surface.