Proviera BioKlean

ProKlean Bioklean is a revolutionary new product developed on proven technology that clears all these problems. No blockage, no odour and no harmful bacteria. It is not enzyme based.

Breaks up fat and grease: The fat and grease trapped in grease traps does not break down, resulting in overflow of sewage, unbearable odor and an unhygienic atmosphere in the kitchen.

Simple to use: Just 1 liter a day of Bioklean per Grease Trap digests the fat and breaks it down into harmless compounds.

Result: Free flowing Grease Trap Odor free atmosphere Hygienic work area as pathogens and harmful bacteria are controlled.

Bioklean ensures that the sewage flowing out from Grease Trap is of reduced BOD, COD and oil/grease and facilitates the performance of downstream treatment plants. Bioklean – 100% bio-degradable, safe to handle, non-toxic and non-corrosive.

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