Cost Savers

Proviera probiotic products reduce costs in more ways than one. They substitute chemical products in far lesser quantities and also cut down process times – thus saving substantially for you – making your profits zoom.

Time Savers

Save huge amounts of time in  processes – thus making your manufacturing cycles faster and better. These revolutionary products use proprietary technology to cut processing time upto 50%!


Proviera range of probiotic products are certified by almost all the major institutions. It is GOTS, Oeko Tex Class 1 and REACH compliant and certified for all other safety and environmental standards.

Environment Friendly

Being probiotic products, they are natural and thus environment friendly. Apart from that they are product-friendly too. During processing they do not erode or diminish your product properties like chemicals do.


stplogo2Proklean Technologies Pvt. Ltd., licensee (for using probiotic mother culture) of SCD Probiotics of USA, has introduced probiotic, all-natural, non-toxic and fully bio-degradable products under brand name ‘Proviera’. Proviera products are based on a unique Probiotic Formulation technology. This technology has been licensed back to SCD Probiotics, U.S.A., the strategic technology partner of Proklean, for some of the markets globally. Both companies manufacture and market the products under the brand name Proviera.

Apart from saving water, BOD & COD levels in the ETP have comedown by 30%.
Textile ProcessorPerundurai, India
Able to achieve excellent fastness with single soaping & in 5 wash cycles across various shades using Proviera ProDet C.
Textile ProcessorTirupur
The feedback on effectiveness of Greasolve in keeping kitchen drains free of blockages is very positive. We have had no blockages since we started using Greasolve in our kitchen drains. In fact in some instances we have seen visible signs of sludge and scales released from the drains into the grease trap. Since the usage of Greasolve, there has been good flow of water in the kitchen drains. Consequently, we have been able to stop physical cleaning of sludge from the drain pipes. Greasolve has been adopted by the restaurant owners in our mall and they too have given good feedback on the product.
Mr. Atul Kumar, COOU B City
Excellent cleaning – cleans much better than normal chemical cleaner and not a single drop of water used” that’s what our house helper said. Spray and wipe. She said normally it would take her an hour or so to wash and scrub with normal detergent
Mr. DonaldOn Proviera GreaseBuster
There was an increase in hide yield as the skins were open.









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