Proviera ProBright is a dye deepening agent with improved brightness

probrightpackGetting a good dye depth and obtaining a uniform colour is always a challenge in leather making. Proviera ProBright, a unique probiotic formulation does precisely that and more. Proviera ProBright ensures brighter and uniform colours, even in difficult shades like turquoise and cognac.

Proviera ProBright is applied at the time of top dyeing to ensure even, patch free dyeing. It can be used in suedes, nubucks or full grain leathers to get a better intensity and depth of colours. Being solvent free, it gives a nice surface feel and enhances the overall presentation. Improved exhaustion by Proviera ProBright leads to reduction in dye usage.

Proviera ProBright is APEO / NPEO / OPEO free

Physical Form: Honey brown liquid
pH (1% Solution): 6.60 +/- 0.20
Operating range: 2.50-14.00 pH, 5°C to 60°C
Biodegradable: 100%
Effective Substance: A constorium of biochemicals derived from Probiotics
Stability to electrolytes: Stable to electrolytes used in leather operations

Storage: Store at room temperature; prevent from freezing
Safety Precautions: Non-hazardous, does not require any protective equipment for handling


The product is available in 25kg and 50kg barrels.

Proviera ProBright has some unique benefits like:

  • Proviera ProBright is seen to help in reduction in Dye usage by 0.50% without comprimising the depth especially in dark colours
  • As Proviera ProBright does not allow defects to be highlighted, leather quality / gradation is improved leading to better price realisation
  • Proviera ProBright is a fully biodegradable non-cationic formulation that does not support Formaldehyde
  • As Proviera ProBright is not cationic based, it does not interfere with fat liquor exhaustion
  • Better nubuck: Due to improved dye levelling and presentation few top coats are required for colour matching
  • Excellent fastness: ProBright helps in achieving better wet and dry rub fastness
  • Proviera ProSafe is mixed with season at a rate of 20ml - 40ml per litre, depending on the season and application
  • Operating temperature: 5° C to 60° C

Note: The data above are based on our current knowledge, experience and tests conducted. Processors are however requested to carry out their own tests.

Download:  Product Brochure  |  MSDS