Proviera ProSoak is a wetting agent with bacterial inhibition properties

prosoakpackSoaking is an important operation as it cleans the hides of salt, dung, blood, urine etc., and rehydrates the skin thoroughly. Proviera ProSoak is a fully biodegradable powerful soaking agent suitable for all kinds of raw hides / skins preserved in any form - wet salted, dry salted, green or air-dried. Proviera ProSoak allows an effective reabsorption of water which may have been lost during curing and transport. Proviera ProSoak helps to reduce processing time, increases the performance of the unhairing and liming auxiliaries and therefore has a lower environmental impact. ProSoak eliminates the need for bactericides as it inhibits putrefying bacteria in soaking up to 24 hours.

Proviera ProSoak has excellent cleansing and rehydrating property and is seen to reduce the soaking time. There is no need to add surfactants, soaking enzymes or pH adjusters. Being fully biodegradable, it reduces pollution load significantly.

ProSoak is APEO / NPEO / OPEO free

Physical Form: Low pH light brown liquid
pH (1% Solution): 6.65 +/- 0.2
Operating range: 2.50-14.00 pH, 5°C to 60°C
Biodegradable: 100%
Effective Substance: Uncharacterised biochemicals derived from probiotics
Stability to electrolytes: Very stable to electrolytes used in tanneries

Storage: Store at room temperature; prevent from freezing
Safety Precautions: Non-hazardous, does not require any protective equipment for handling


The product is available in 25kg and 50kg barrels.

Proviera ProSoak has a range of benefits to improve your process including:

  • Efficiently hydrates leather fibres
  • Improved penetration of process chemicals which will reduce overall chemical consumption
  • Significantly prevents growth marks and drawn grain, thus increasing yield
  • May help reduce soaking time
  • Can delay / reduce the putrefying effect and therefore has a positive influence during the soak and subsequent processes on preserving hide substance
  • Improved leather quality due to better surface and sub-surface cleaning

Based on shaved weight:

  • Add 0.3% to 0.4% of wet salted hide weight for cow hides
  • For goat, sheep & cow hides add 0.3%
  • For buff and bull add 0.4%

Note: The data above are based on our current knowledge, experience and tests conducted. Processors are however requested to carry out their own tests.

Download:  Product Brochure  |  MSDS