Proviera ProSpread is a powerful rehydrating agent with multiple applications

prospreadpackWetting back of wetblue / splits / crusts is a very crucial part of the process of leather making. Improper wetting back leads to poor uptake of chemicals downstream and the finished leather may often fail to meet physical and chemical standards resulting in production nightmares. Proviera ProSpread, manufactured using the revolutionary technology of ‘Probiotics’ is a powerful rehydrating agent that addresses exactly this problem and helps tanners produce outstanding leather. Be it bone dry splits or thick wet blues or crusts, it ensures excellent wetting back and offers many more advantages.

Proviera ProSpread is APEO / NPEO / OPEO free

Physical Form: Low pH light brown liquid
pH (1% Solution): 6.65 +/- 0.20
Operating range: 2.50-14.00 pH, 5°C to 60°C
Biodegradable: 100%
Effective Substance: Uncharacterized biochemicals derived from probiotics
Stability to electrolytes: Very stable to electrolytes used in tanneries

Storage: Store at room temperature; prevent from freezing
Safety Precautions: Non-hazardous, does not require any protective equipment for handling


The product is available in 25kg and 50kg barrels.

Proviera ProSpread has the following benefits:

  • Reduced processing time and when used along with Proviera ProSoak greatly improves soaking performance
  • Non foaming action resulting in elimination of washing operation - water savings
  • Reduced requirement of organic acids as pH remains low if re-chroming is required
  • Uniform liming and aids fleshing performance
  • Wetting back is effective even with a float level of 50% when Proviera ProSpread is used
  • When used as a Fatliquor dispersing agent it is seen to work with a complex mix of fat liquors and stabilise them - thereby ensuring uniform distribution

0.2 to 0.5 % - helps in cleaning blood, dirt, etc.

0.2 to 0.5 % for better uptake of lime

Wetting Back
0.5 to 1 % for wet blues
0.5 to 2 % for splits and crusts (thorough hydration)

Fatliqour Dispersion
0.5 to 1 % (uniform distribution of

Note: The data above are based on our current knowledge, experience and tests conducted. Processors are however requested to carry out their own tests.

Download:  Product Brochure  | MSDS