Proklean Technologies Pvt Ltd, strategic technology partner of SCD Probiotics of USA, has introduced probiotic, all-natural, non-toxic and fully bio-degradable products under brand name “Proviera” that replace chemicals used in Textile industry.

Probiotics have been traditionally used in human and animal health applications. However, ProKlean has developed a first in the world technology for developing a range of natural, non-toxic, non-corrosive and bio-degradable chemical replacement products for use in textile processing industry under the brand name Proviera. This technology has been licensed to SCD Probiotics, U.S.A., the strategic technology partner of Proklean, for some of the global markets.

A unique consortium of naturally occurring probiotic microbes have been used in a proprietary fermentation and formulation technology, which results in products containing a careful blend of biochemicals. Although a fermentation process is used, the products are not enzyme based. The compounds present in the products deliver unmatched scouring, bleaching, and wetting, leveling and soaping results.

The unique features of these products deliver the following benefits to the processor:

  • Saving in water consumption due to reduced number of baths
  • Reduction in energy consumption due to processing at lower temperatures and/or lesser time
  • Reduction in consumption of peroxide during bleaching
  • Reduced pollution load due to lower COD and BOD in the effluent
  • Better quality of end product in terms of excellent fastness and brighter colours

Proviera’s contribution to the textile industry comes in the form of an array of 100% biodegradable products meant for diverse stages of textile processing. These products are GOTS certified and Oeko-Tex complied.

PRODET C TM- A premium soaping agent for cotton/yarn fabric that offers several direct and indirect savings such as saving minimum 2 bath cycles & saves energy by cutting down at least one hot wash in soft flow and  reduces the dosage of  soaping agent in continuous. The dye depth & feel of fabric improves phenomenally

PRODET + TM- A premium soaping agent for woollen/silk fabric with the same advantages/ value proposition of PRODET C

PROENHANCE TM- Proviera ProEnhance is a one of its kind, path breaking probiotic pre-treatment agent which functions as a water conditioner while enhancing whiteness index with reduced requirement of H2O2 and NaOH. Reduced weight loss, reduction in usage of dyes and other chemicals translate directly into significant increase in earnings. Further, Proviera ProEnhance has demonstrated noticeable reduction in effluent parameters – TDS reduction by 50% and COD reduction in excess of 20% in boiling bath – which result in reduced operating costs for the Effluent Treatment Plant and improved quality of treated water.

PROLEVEL + TM- All-natural Levelling Agent that aids in uniform and patch free dyeing, better dispersing and also significantly improves Dye uptake there by offering better Dye depth & reduction in Dye consumption (to an extent of 0.5% Dye reduction) . NO SEQUESTERING/ DE MIN AGENT IS REQUIRED TO BE USED WHILE USING PROLEVEL +

These products are manufactured in India and successfully initiated sales operations in India and Philippines.