Probiotics is pathbreaking technology that enables unmatched processing results across various industries with no impact on environment.

aboutpicProbiotics is on the cutting edge of developing technology to apply the concept of “probiotics” in a variety of industries and applications – from human health, to agriculture, to industrial waste management, textile processing, leather processing, hospitality products and many others.

Probiotics Technology utilizes beneficial and effective microbes to repopulate environments with healthy microorganisms.

All the products manufactured by Proklean Technologies use a probiotic Mother Culture imported from SCD Probiotics USA and carefully selected additives. ProKlean has developed a proprietary fermentation and formulation technology to develop a range of products. The Mother Culture, in liquid form, is a unique consortium of naturally occurring probiotic microbes.

These microbes contain several strains each carrying specific properties that enables them to offer functions such as degreasing, dispersing, conditioning etc., The end properties such as degreasing, dispersing etc., are derived by the careful use of additives which are processed using specific manufacturing systems.

Although a fermentation process is used, the products are not enzyme based. The compounds present in the products deliver unmatched scouring, bleaching, degreasing, dispersing and soaping results